Welcome to my world!

I live a strange life well not strange exactly maybe interesting would be a better description…I am an artist-that says a lot, (excuses a lot?).  From painting 30 feet in the air on the side of a building (mural) to doing a small canvas sized 3 inches by 3 inches, I have interesting experiences.  FYI I did turn down painting on a water tower at a golf course once, they wanted the tower to look like a golf ball on a tee-when the procedure was explained to me i.e.that they would lower me from the top of the tower strapped on a chair-thingy over the side to paint- I told them I would need to go to the bathroom. They said no problem we will just pull you up. I said you don’t understand every time you lower me over the side I would have to go to the bathroom. You won’t see that mural on my resume!

So now I have a blog, interesting-I thought I would put a little of this and a little of that in it while keeping an artistic bent to it. I am currently working on an 8 foot long painting of seagulls sitting on the breakwater in the Port Wing Marina on beautiful Lake Superior-my home. The breakwater is long and narrow and the gulls line up on it daily. Strange they almost space themselves out evenly on the ledge.  Keep looking here I will post an ‘in progress’ picture. Enjoy your day!