Trout Run Art Website is an on-line gallery source for original paintings, drawings, and prints by artists, Sharon Graham and Denise Guerin, who live and work in Northern Wisconsin, Port Wing, on the shore of Lake Superior. Our works begin with the abundant beauty that is around us and end with..well there is no end in sight!

Sharon Graham

The work presented here showcases the natural beauty of northern Wisconsin. Subject matter also includes images inspired by the artist's travels. Most recent work has 'gone to the birds' with many new pieces featuring our feathered friends including pileated woodpeckers and sandhill cranes. This collection of work is for sale and done in a variety of mediums-watercolor, graphite, ink and acrylic. Both original and limited edition prints are offered as well.

Portfolio of Works for Sale

Denise Guerin

Paintings are original watercolors and mixed media. I draw my inspiration from the South Shore of Lake Superior and many travels. I draw and paint wherever I go, including my own front yard. Nature and culture provide many subjects that allow me to focus on color, textures, and composition using various materials. My images can be subtle, vibrant, calm, or stormy, and always grounded in the love of creating.

Portfolio of Works for Sale