Sharon Graham

Living in northern Wisconsin is wonderful but creating art in this fantastic, scenic enviroment is GREAT! I draw my inspiration from the beauty that surrounds me. I have never minded the moniker of ‘landscape artist”. Landscapes have always drawn my attention-plowed fields, towering white pines, cloud formations-they get my creative juices flowing. Of late my attention has been taken with birds, especially the sandhill crane, a pair have chosen to nest in the bog behind my house.

Born in central Wisconsin on the edge of Chequamegon National Forest. I spent most of my days outdoors. The rule was when the street lights came on I had to be home-and I made the most of that opportunity! My days were spent making mud and honeysuckle pies using materials found in the woods by my house, building tree houses and a swamp house out of branches and bushes, being treed by the herd of cows that frequented the field and in winter ice skating on a small pond in the field behind our house.




Denise Guerin




Original paintings are inspired by colors of nature created by painting in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media with threads, papers, and beads. Natural subjects are painted in semi-abstract and abstract methods, allowing the viewers’ eyes to bring their own interpretation to each piece.  Watercolors can be subtle, such as a morning fog over a Great Lake or vibrant, showing the perils of a Lake Superior storm. All of Denise’s work are originals with many additional pieces available if you contact the artist.